Context Note v1.2 is a “sticky" note application that allows you to save notes based on the current active window. When you create a new note and then go to another window, the note is automatically saved. When you come back to that window the note will come back. You can better see how this works by watching this short video.


  • Global or Per App color (Set the color of the note to one color or a different color depending on the current application/window)
  • Add to startup (Allow Context Note to start with Windows)
  • Lock a note (Allows you to lock Context Note to only show one note even while switching applications/windows)
  • List notes (You can list and switch to another note without having to click on that window or even needing to have that application/window open)
  • 15 day trial before you need to register to continue to use Context Note
  • Option to minimize to system tray
Context Note is $5.95 + tax through Paypal

You may get a warning about the download from your browser. This is because the download is unfamiliar. There is NO malicious code in this application. Click here for the results of a scan from showing there is no virus or malicious code.

You mat also get a warning from Windows SmartScreen, this is because it is not common software (yet). You can still install by clicking on the Run Anyway link.